Can Citizens Juries’ Guide Local Climate Action policy?

UCLan Institute of Citizenship, Society and Change . Climate Citizenships Seminar

Can Citizens Juries’ Guide Local Climate Action policy?

With Peter Bryant (Shared Future CIC)

Weds 26th February

UCLan Media Factory Room 317, Kirkham St, Preston PR1 1JN

Amission free – but please register here on eventbrite beforehand.


Peter Bryant, (co-director, Shared Future CIC) plans, designs, and facilitates ‘Citizens Juries’.

This deliberative method is increasingly used to engage public participation and knowledge in the policy process. Peter has facilitated over twenty ‘Citizens Juries’ on a wide range of questions, and is currently leading the development of Climate Citizens Juries. After facilitating the pioneering ‘Leeds Climate Change Citizens’ Jury’, Shared Future CIC is now organising similar juries in Lancaster and other localities.

  • How can local citizens shape local government climate action policies and plans?
  • What are Citizens Juries? How do they work?
  • What are the experiences of Climate Citizens Juries so far?
  • What might this mean for the future of citizenship, democracy and participation?

All who have an interest in citizen participation, local policy and questions of climate and sustainability are welcome to come to the seminar.

For further information, please contact:



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