ICSC Roundtable on COVID-19 Health & Social Crisis. 29/04/20

The Institute of Citizenship, Society and Change will host the first of its online internal research workshops on Weds 29th April 2020.

This will be an internal webinar for ICSC members and other UCLan research staff.

However, we plan to broadcast public webinars on this theme soon as well, in order for UCLan experts to share their experience, research and analysis with the public, practitioners and policy-makers.

Programme for 29/04/20 ICSC Internal Online Roundtable:

David Morris / Julie Ridley/ Jez Buffin. (Centre for Citizenship and Community).

“Citizenship, Community and COVID-19”

Adrian Wright (IROWE).

Work, employment and the pandemic”

Cath Larkins (Centre for Children & Young People’s Participation).

“Children’s Participation in Shaping Responses to COVID-19”

Rachel Robbins (Connect Centre).

“Interpersonal violence in the time of a Pandemic”

Fazila Bhimji (School of Journalism, Media and Performance).

From Chic Chorlton to ‘Multicultural’ Elmhurst: The Class and Racial Inequalities of Social Distancing During a Pandemic.

Mags Adams (ICSC Team).

Communities and food provision in the global COVID pandemic: Business as usual or catalyst for change”?

Jo Guiver (School of Management)

Disruption and what it tells us”

Larry Reynolds (ICSC Team)

On the epistemics of epidemics: Science policy and the citizenships of COVID-19”.


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