ICSC Video: Key Concepts in Planetary Health

‘Critically Exploring Wellbeing, Salutogenesis, Resilience and Regenerative Sustainability’. July 2020

UCLan Webinar July 2020 organised by UCLan’s Healthy & Sustainable Settings Unit, the Institute of Citizenship, Society & Change and the Thrive Research Centre.

Follow link to video on UCLan webserver here:



Chair’s Welcome Scene-Setting Introduction [Prof. Mark Dooris, Professor in Health & Sustainability, UCLan]

Welfare’ to ‘Wellbeing’: demise of the ‘commonweal’? [Prof. Lynn Froggett, Professor of Psychosocial Research, UCLan]

A Salutogenic Approach. Concept and Practice: What works in the first 1000 days? [Soo Downe, Professor in Midwifery Studies, UCLan]

Viral Connectivity: Resilience, Recovery and Re-connection following COVID-19 [Suzanne Wilson, Research Fellow in Social Inclusion and Community Engagement, UCLan]

Imaginaries of Resilience in the Governance of Eco-Social Crisis  [Dr Larry Reynolds, Researcher, Institute of Citizenship, Society & Change, UCLan]

SEVA: Going Beyond Sustainability? [Martin Brown, Sustainability ‘Provocateur’, Advocate and Business Improvement Consultant, Fairsnape]

Q&A / Panel Discussion

Key Concepts for discussion:

  • ‘Wellbeing’: has a lengthy history but is often ill-defined; and is used with reference to people, places and the planet – and to various dimensions of sustainability and resilience (e.g. economic, social, environmental, cultural).
  • ‘Salutogenesis’: has an explicitly positive focus on what supports thriving and flourishing (rather than just ‘not being ill’).
  • ‘Resilience’: is a widely used term that interfaces with both ‘salutogenesis’ and sustainability’ and is used in a multitude of ways with reference to individuals, communities, places, environments and infrastructures.
  • ‘Regenerative/Restorative Sustainability’: looks beyond ‘staying within boundaries’ and reducing negatives to focus on net-positive impacts.

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