The Social Life of Metrics: A transdisciplinary conversation at UCLan 11th Dec 2020

A conversation on the social life and performativity of metrics between UCLan scholars in the fields of data science and social science

Online event.

The emergence of ‘Big data’ analytics, metricisation (and its subset: financialisation) are pervasive cultural phenomena which pose substantial challenges across multiple intersecting domains. How do we understand what is at stake, socially, culturally and politically in these transformations?

This conversation brings together UCLan scholars working in the fields of data science, psychosocial studies and the sociology of science & technology to map out parts of this emerging terrain and possible ways of exploring it.

The discussants are:

• Prof George TH Ellison, Professor of Data Science and Director of the UCLan Centre for Data Innovation

• Dr. Miland Joshi, Senior Research Fellow, Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit

• Prof Lynn Froggett, Professor of Psychosocial Welfare, Director of UCLan PRU

• Dr. Larry Reynolds, Research team, Institute of Citizenship, Society & Change.

Places will be limited for this discusssion. To expess an interest, please register here

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