COVID-19: Citizenship, Society & Change.

The serious health and social crisis we are living through affects our lives and research at UCLan’s ICSC. The fields of research we engage in are deeply affected and changed by this crisis.

For updates on our transdisciplinary work around the COVID-19 crisis, please see here:

This page will highlight some of the ways the ICSC is reponding to the crisis – and trying to help policy makers, public services and communities in this crisis with new research, insights and exchanges of experience.

Members of the ICSC have expertise in many of the intersecting domains affected and reconfigured by the pandemic. To list just a few:

  • Communities, isolation and connectedness;
  • Health, social care, inequality and wellbeing;
  • Employment, business and the workplace;
  • Domestic relationships and intrapersonal abuse and harm;
  • Inequalities, Oppressions and Intersectionalities: Class, Gender, Race, Disability, Sexuality.
  • Food distribution and alternative economic models;
  • Tourism and leisure industries;
  • Public and emergency services;
  • Science and technology policy and citizen engagement


In the COVID-19 crisis, much of our work is going online, includig our seminar series.

We are currently holding a series of internal online research workshops for members of the ICSC to discuss and analyse aspects of the COVID-19 crisis.

We will also soon launch a series of public webcasts. Watch this space.

Details of our first ‘Citizenships of the COVID-19 Crisis’ series here:


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