Members of the Institute

The Institute has 36+ members, all research academics from across UCLan’s different faculties, schools, disciplines and specialist research centres.

Mags Adams. Senior Research Co-ordinator of the Institute of Citizenship, Society and Change

Christine Barter. Reader in young people and violence prevention, CONNECT centre.

Michelle Baybutt. Senior Research Fellow, Healthy and Sustainable Settings Unit.

Fazila Bhimji. Senior Lecturer in Film and Media Studies.

Khatidja Chantler. Reader in Social Work, CONNECT /Centre for Citizenship & Community.

Helen Codd. Principal Lecturer, Lancashire Law School / Centre for Criminology & Criminal Justice.

Pat Cox. Reader in Social Work and Social Justice.

Sharon Doherty. Healthy University Co-ordinator.

Mark Dooris. Professor in Health and Sustainability.

Isabela Fairclough. Critical Discourse Analysis / Research Unit for Speech and Language.

Alan Farrier. Researcher, Healthy & Sustainable Settings Unit.

Lynn Froggett. Professor of Psychosocial Welfare.

Jo Guiver. Researcher and Management School Sustainability Lead.

John Horne. Professor of sport and sociology.

Stuart Kirby. Professor of Policing and Criminal Investigation.

Cath Larkins. Reader in Children’s Citizenship.

Champika Liyanage. Reader in Facilities Management.

Christiane Luck. Researcher, Communication & Engagement.

Julian Manley. Research Fellow.

David Morris. Professor of Mental Health, Inclusion and Community.

Nick Palfreyman. Leverhulme Trust Research Fellow, International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies (iSLanDS).

Ioan M. Charnley-Parry. Researcher, Energy and Society Research Group.

Lorraine Radford. Professor of Social Policy and Social Work.

Julie Ridley. Reader in Social Policy and Practice.

Larry Reynolds. Researcher, Institute of Citienship, Society and Change.

Rachel Robbins. Guild Senior Research Fellow. Social Work / CONNECT centre.

Alastair Roy. Reader in Social Research, Co-Director of the Psychosocial Research Unit.

Candice Satchwell. Reader in Education and Literacies.

Sarah Shorrock. Researcher, Institute of Citienship, Society and Change.

Helen Spandler. Reader in Mental Health.

Nicky Stanley. Professor of Social Work, Co-Director, CONNECT Centre.

Nigel Thomas. Emeritus Professor of Childhood and Youth.

Tim Thornton. Professor of Philosophy and Mental Health.

Jiayi Wang. Principal Lecturer and Subject Leader for Chinese.

John Whitton. Director, UCLan Energy.

Gemma Wibberley. Research Fellow. Institute for Research into Organisations, Work and Employment.

Aidan Worsley. Professor & Executive Dean for Business, Law and Applied Social Studies.

Adrian Wright. Lecturer in Marketing and Public Relations.

Rick Wylie. UCLan Samuel Lindow Academic Director.

Ulrike Zeshan. Professor & Director, International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies (iSLanDS).

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